Parent Participation

The crucial role of parents

Parents play a crucial role at Community School: They participate by working cooperatively with teachers to sustain a cohesive learning community; they provide enriching experiences; and they promote the love of learning.

Without the help of parents, the Community School, as we know it, could not survive and thrive.

VOLUNTEERING: Enriches Student Learning & Fosters Our Sense of Community

  • Parents help supervise students before school, and during morning and lunch breaks.
  • They staff our library and help in the classrooms.
  • Parents accompany staff and students on field trips.
  • The list goes on and on. Click on the LINKS below.

A parent helps kids row around a lake at camp.FAMILY COMMITMENT

Each family contributes an average of 3 volunteer hours a week and has an obligation of 13.5 playground hours' coverage throughout the year. These hours can only be fulfilled by parents or legal guardians of students. Your volunteer hours can be met in three ways:

  1. Interacting with children during the school day.
  2. Attending one parent meeting each month.
  3. Work outside of the school day (committee work, classroom material preparation, correcting papers).