Building Community and Learning About Our Environment

Student eating corn on the cobOur School begins the school year by spending a couple days at 'camp' at various locations around the area, and at school. The parents and teachers prepare creative and fun activities from which the children choose to participate. Singing campfire songs is the ultimate community builder at the end of each day. These days in September are a wonderful way for all of us to get to know each other better. It is a cherished time to rekindle old friendships and begin to form new ones.

Student with butterfly face paintIn May, our entire school attends Camp Seymour. The emphasis of this camp is environmental education taught by the YMCA camp staff. Activities also include group games and individual challenges such as the climbing wall and archery. Fewer parents are involved during this camp, but those who can attend play important roles as supervisors in the cabins and at certain recreational activities. This camp is a magnificent learning experience for all of our students who are extremely knowledgeable about our environment and the subtle connections we share with the natural world.