Drama, Poetry, Art Enrichment

Inviting experts to teach us their trade

Nine buckets of paint with a paint brush in eachWe are fortunate to be able to invite experts in the field of Drama, Poetry, and Art to share their skills, insights and passion with us. Our parent group sponsors regularly scheduled visits by an actress, a poet, and an artist.

The entire school plays with drama for several weeks. A drama teacher visits each of the classrooms to open up new worlds to us. During the final day of Drama, each class shares with the other classes a sample of their group's creative acting through an informal performance. FUN!

We invite a poet to share there talent with words for a few weeks with our older students. The Community School library contains published student poetry on its shelves which dates back numerous years. There is a published book of poems from each year that a poet has worked with us.

We have a local artist and teacher come for several weeks and teach art. They explore and discover color and shapes in a whole new way.

Each year, both the children and the teachers look forward with anticipation towards the drama, poetry, and art lessons offered by these practitioners who are also talented educators who enjoy working with children.