Parent Dues

Funding our unique program

We believe our children should be kids and not sales professionals. Unlike most public and private schools, we do not have perpetual fundraising (candy sales, wrapping paper sales, auctions). Instead, we have voluntary parent dues. We will, from time to time, have a special fundraising event.

The dues support the Community School Parent Teacher Fund (similar to a PTSA) and pay for the enrichment activities that are not provided by the school district. Enrichment activities include additional library materials, swimming, theater, art, museums, poetry, story tellers, and much more. Camp Seabeck and Camp Seymour are not included in the dues. Additional activities such as gymnastics, acting, roller skating, etc. are extracurricular activities and are not included in the dues. Please contact the Finance Committee volunteers for more information on the budget, spending trends, corporate matching funds, etc.

Community School Parent Dues are $230 per child for the school year. It is possible to arrange a payment plan, although the one-time full payment option is preferred at the start of the school year as it improves our cash flow and reduces the Finance Committee volunteers' administrative work.

Scholarships are available by speaking with a teacher.

Dues and donations are tax deductible.

Many employers match their employee's qualified charitable donations. Please contact your employer's benefits group for guidelines and forms.