Parking, Child Pick-up, and Carpools

Safety and logistics

Student Drop-off

Arriving on time is expected. School begins at 8:50 a.m.

Parent volunteers will help students get out of their cars in the morning starting at 8:45. Students will line up out front of the building with their class and their teacher will come and meet them at 8:50am. 

Student Pick-Up (safety is always top priority)

Parents will enter the circle drive and wait in line for their child to be sent to their car by a teacher. Additionally, parents can park in the 'junior' lot to the north of the CS exit drive and meet their child out front of the school building. 

Students will remain with their class until their teacher dismisses them to their parents. 

To view a map of the school's planned traffic flow, click here.

The red arrows indicate the flow of traffic. The red 'X's show where parents should not park (on 111th Ave NE).